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Our main colour is orange, 
but inside we colour green!


NODIA‘s silo shaped building and warehouse are located in the business park “Scherpenhoek” in Boom, in the middle between Brussels and Antwerp. The business park is designed to fit the historical industrial environment of the formal brick factories along the Rupel River.


Both our office and warehouse are constructed in a sustainable and ecologically responsible way. Both buildings apply quality standards, both economically and ecologically, with a view to the future. The buildings are made of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. Features such as good insulation and green roofs make the buildings CO² neutral with a very low energy consumption.

Power supply

Scherpenhoek is the first business park in Belgium without fossil fuels. The Nodia building is good thermally isolated and equipped with heat pumps for heating and cooling. Solar panels on the roof provide more than 90% of the energy needed for our office activities.

Water supply

The rainwater from the large green roofs in the entire business zone is collected centrally in a large reservoir. From there it is reused for flushing the toilets, cleaning and watering the plantations.

The birds and the bees

The small garden around the Nodia building is planted full of colourful flowers. This not only ensures a good mood with the Nodians but also provides a very bee-friendly environment. Our collection of colourful nesting boxes on the wall of our warehouse is a popular home for birds.