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Pyros eXpress

A new Endotoxin and Glucan testing Software for Pyros Kinetics Flex

Supports all of the quantitative endotoxin an glucan detection assays from Associates of Cape Cod. The software can also be use in combination with ELX808 microtiter plate readers.


PyroSmart NextGen™

First Recombinant LAL Cascade Reagent.

PyroSmart NextGen™ can be used for a wide variety of endotoxin tests, ranging from standard water testing to samples requiring high sensitivity, such as intrathecal products and those requiring high dilutions to overcome interference.

Hyphen BioMed

Join us for Hyphen BioMed virtual Laboratory updates on hemostasis testing
  • A FVIII Chromogenic assay system for Measuring EMICIZUMAB and titrating FVIII inhibitors in Plasma
    by Mr Jean Amiral – PhD
  • Measurement of Edoxaban and its metabolites with Anti-FXa assays comparatively to LC:MS/MS
    by Mrs ClaireDunois -Ph.D.
  • Optimized LA clotting assay presenting low interference with DOACs
    by Mrs Marie Peyrafritte


Easy removal of DOACs and Platelets in citrated plasma


For removal of Heparin

Coming Soon

Fungitell STAT

A Single Sample Format For Rapid Invasive Fungal Infection Screening.

Single Sample Format For Rapid Invasive Fungal Infection Screening.


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