ClotPro: Novel Tip Technology

Comprehensive Thromboelastometry

Now introducing

Active Tip Technology

The active-tip technology is designed to eliminate reagent handling on the ClotPro analyzer. The reagents are present in a little sponge in the pipetting tip in dry form. During pipetting of the blood sample the reagents are transferred into the blood – simple and safe.

Each active tip comes individually sealed with significant room temperature stability, preventing any reagent wastage.

ClotPro offers 9 tests in the active tip format:

The established screening assays:  

EX-test:  for the assessment of the extrinsic coagulation pathway
FIB-test: EX-test with dual platelet inhibition, for examination of the fibrinogen level and fibrin polymerization
AP-test: EX-test with inhibition of fibrinolysis by aprotinin
IN-test: for the assessment of the intrinsic coagulation pathway, sensitive to heparin
HI-test: IN-test with heparin inhibition

and new assays for drug monitoring:

NA-test: Non activated test
RVV-test: High sensitivity for all DOACs (both anti-Xa and Anti-IIa based)
ECA-test: High sensitivity for Anti-IIa DOACs and direct Thrombin antagonists
TPA-test: For follow-up on anti-fibrinolytic treatment