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Emo-test HIT Confirm®

20 tests

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HIT confirm – Harnessing the power of flow cytometry
Confirmation of Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT)

The Emo-test HIT Confirm® has been developed by Emosis to address the need of clinicians and laboratories to get access to an HIT activity test that would be readily available, on-demand, 24/7, affordable and easy to use by non-specialists.

The HIT Confirm test can be used on any flow cytometer, which are more and more available in hospitals. The new generation of smaller, cheaper benchtop flow cytometers which are easier to use by non-specialized cytometrists supports more hospitals getting access to such a powerful technology.

The Emo-test HIT Confirm® is a flow cytometry based IVD Diagnostics kit aimed at confirming that patients HIT antibodies are present and lead to the formation of a heparin-antibody-PF4 complex that will bind to the platelets of a donor plasma (Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)), activating them and having potentially devastating consequences for patients.

During platelet activation, changes are induced in the platelet membranes with expression of surface markers. These platelet activation markers can be studied in flow cytometry with the use of fluorescent-labeled ligand. The HIT Confirm test uses one step only (one incubation) with two fluorophores against a marker of platelets (CD 41) and a marker of activated platelets (CD 62). After 30 minutes incubation with 2 levels of Heparin (0,3 U/mL et 100 U/mL), the proportion of relevantly activated platelets is obtained by flow cytometry (1 laser, 2 colors) counting 10,000 events.

Based on platelets obtained from a donor (for PRP), results are interpreted using a platelet activation index called HEPLA (Emosis-developed) in order to get better standardized results.

HIT confrim – A new way of dealing with HIT testing

  • Selection of donor platelets – a challenge for all tests, less for HIT Confirm
  • Confirmation of HIT in minutes, not days
  • Ease of use – available on demand, 24/7
  • Using microliters, not milliliters
  • Quality and better standardization

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