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Accessory Products for Endotoxin and Glucan Testing

Pyroclear® brand accessory products are the first products in the industry that are certified to be free of interfering endotoxin and (1→3)-β-D-glucan contamination. Pyroclear brand certified products include depyrogenated test tubes, 96-well microplates, pipette tips and LAL Reagent water. These products are designed to reduce Out of Specification (OOS) investigations due to contaminated accessories.

LRW Water

WP0501LAL Reagent Water 50ml1 bottle
WP01001LAL Reagent Water 100ml1 bottle
WP5001LAL Reagent Water 500ml1 bottle
WP10001LAL Reagent Water 1000ml1 bottle


TK100-10Pyrotube K (500)10×50 tubes/pack
TK100Pyrotube K (50)50 tubes/pack
TS05CPyrotube C – small50 tubes/pack
TS200CPyrotube C – large200 tubes/pack
TS050Pyrotube S50 tubes/pack
TB240Pyrotube D40 tubes/pack
TB160Pyrotube A10 tubes/pack
TB165Pyrotube E10 tubes/pack
TB16CPyrotube G65 tubes/pack
SP5010Glass bijou with plastic lid50 tubes/pack
PL512Polystyrene tubes with caps25 tubes/pack

Pipette tips

PPT25-10Combitips – 1010 x 96 tips / box
PPT10-08Combitips – 1008 x 96 tips / box
EPP-5Pyroclear Pipette Tips – 250µl10 / pack
EPP-5100Pyroclear Pipette Tips – 1000µl100 / pack
PTT50Disposable Pipettes50 tips / pack


BC051-5Pyrosol Buffer without pH indicator5 x 5.5 mL
BC554-1Pyrosol Buffer without pH indicator1 x 55 mL
BR051-5Pyrosol Buffer with pH indicator5 x 5.5 mL
GB051-5Glucashield®Buffer6 x 5.5 mL


CA961-10Pyroplate 96 well microplate – 10
10 plates
CA961-50Pyroplate 96 well microplate – 5050 plates

Sample containers

CPYR30L/2530 mL Sample container with lid – 2525 /pack
CPYR30L/2630 mL Sample container with lid – 400400 /pack