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Control Standard Endotoxin

Control Standard Endotoxin (CSE) is a widely used standard for endotoxin testing. It is a purified extract of E. coli O113:H10, the same strain used for the United States Pharmacopeia and the European Pharmacopeia reference standard endotoxin (RSE).

CSE is used as an economic alternative to the RSE. CSEs are standardized against the RSE as indicated on the Certificate of Analysis, so that results can be reported in Endotoxin Units (EU) and International Units (IU). CSE can be used for all LAL testing.

CSE is used to make standard curves and controls when performing the LAL assay. The concentrations used are dependent on the type of assay (e.g., chromogenic, gel-clot, or turbidimetric) and for photometric methods, the detection range required.


ReferenceProduct namePackagingCategories
E0005-1Escherichia coli 0113:H10 0.5 µg / vial1 vialControl Standard Endotoxin
EC010-5Escherichia coli 0113:H10 10ng/vial5 vialsControl Standard Endotoxin
DCVDepyrogenation Control Vials10 vialsControl Standard Endotoxin
E0125-1Escherichia coli 0113:H10 125µg/vial
High potency standard
1 vialControl Standard Endotoxin