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Glucan reagent

The Glucatell® assay kit is an easy to use research product for glucan detection. Developed for research purposes only, ACC’s Glucatell® is designed to improve pyrogen testing while offering our high standard of effectiveness. 

The Fungitell® is the first and the only FDA-cleared and CE marked rapid in vitro diagnostic screening test for IFI that detects (1→3)-β-D-Glucan in serum.

The Fungitell®STAT is coming soon.

ReferenceProduct namePackagingCategories
FT001Fungitell®110 testsGlucan Testing
FT007Fungitell®STAT10+5 tubesGlucan Testing
GT003Glucatell®Kit with Diazo-reagents55 testsGlucan Testing
GT004Glucatell®Kit without Diazo-reagents55 testsGlucan Testing