ClotPro 6.0 analyzer with all-in-one Touchscreen PC


Enicor takes Elastic Motion Thromboelastometry to an whole other level with their new ClotPro instrument. In combination with novel active tip technology peforming a Thromboelastometry assays become flexible without getting difficult to perform. Read more…

ReferenceProduct namePackagingManufacturer
CPS11MPC-BNLClotPro 6.0 analyzer with mini PCSystemEnicor
CPS11AIO-BNLClotPro 6.0 analyzer with all-in-one Touchscreen PCSystemEnicor
112010Cups and Pins6 x 20Enicor
113001EX-test10 x 1 tipEnicor
113002FIB-test10 x 1 tipEnicor
113003AP-test10 x 1 tipEnicor
113004IN-test10 x 1 tipEnicor
113005HI-test10 x 1 tipEnicor
103011TPA-test10 x 1 tipEnicor
103012RVV-test10 x 1 tipEnicor
103013ECA-test10 x 1 tipEnicor
103006NA-test10 x 1 tipEnicor
113112QC diluent6 x 5 mlEnicor
113101QC 15 vialsEnicor
113102QC 25 vialsEnicor