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Pyros® eXpress: New Endotoxin and Glucan testing software for Pyros Kinetics Flex

Advantages of the Pyros® eXpress Software:

  • Supports all of the quantitative endotoxin and glucan detection assays from ACC;
  • Allows users to quickly and efficiently test in a Quality Control environment;
  • Greater flexibility and versatility in the laboratory: work smarter and faster while maintaining regulatory compliance;
  • Meets 21CFR Part 11 technical requirements for electronic records, signatures, audit trails as well as US and EU data integrity expectations;
  • Custom Home Screen Templates
  • Fully Integrated Product Validation Workflow
  • Custom Permission Settings
  • Real time Reports for Individual Samples
  • Reagent, Product and Supply Libraries
  • The Software Supports Both Plate and Tube Reader Platforms