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Since 1992

NODIA is one of the leading suppliers in the Benelux of diagnostic kits and biochemicals with applications in Haemostasis, Fibrinolysis, and Endotoxin testing. The core of our activities is formed by the innovative product line from Hyphen BioMed (France) and  ACC, Associates of Cape Cod (USA).

We focus on reagents and biochemicals for application in:

It is our mission to offer you an excellent Service and a full scientific and technical support.  

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We offer a comprehensive and Innovative range of diagnostic tools and biochemicals.

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Since 1992

NODIA was founded out of KABI Diagnostica in 1992 by Aad de Oude and Helen van Voorthuizen together with Kris Van Assche. With its headquarters in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and a branch office in Antwerp (Belgium), the continuity of the product range in Benelux was ensured.

The first aim was to create a channel for the distribution of the formal KABI Diagnostica product line under the new name Chromogenix. The focus at that time was on chromogenic substrates with application in hemostasis research and endotoxin testing.

Over the years the product range changed, but the focus remained always the same. With important pioneering work, the team contributed to the introduction of several new tests and techniques such as many chromogenic tests for hemostasis parameters, the Rotem thromboelastometer, Multiplate platelet analyser, the PK Flex endotoxin tube reader, etc.

For more than 20 years now, NODIA has been one of the leading suppliers of endotoxin testing as an exclusive distributor for Associates or Cape Cod (ACC) products.

Our current range of hemostasis products is built around the products of Hyphen BioMed. This already extensive package has been completed with the products of 5-Diagnostics (research tools) and Hemacore (Thrombodynamics)

More recently, a third product group was started with the products of True Indicating for sterilization monitoring.

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